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About Us

Our goal is to generate value by building brands and growing companies.


Level 5 Holding is a company specialized in establishing, acquiring and managing corporations and businesses of varied domains.
Our portfolio is broad in diversification spanning over three main arms: Media, Hospitality and Retail.
Our goal is to generate value by building brands and growing companies. We are a dynamic group that constantly seeks opportunities and reaches out to new territories across the Region.
We employ strategic thinking to ensure sustainability and continuity, but above all, operate responsibly to promote an environment of high integrity and ethics.


We act as a progressive solution provider, offering sound business and managerial advice to companies within our portfolio, while seeking new territories and opportunities for growth.
In order to reach our objective, we deploy strategies that generate tangible, profitable and sustainable business results.
Dedication, humility, courage, professionalism and respect are the core values that drive us. At Level 5 Holding, we believe in keeping it low to raise it high. And this is the culture that we try to instill in the companies we own and manage.
We push for company rather than individual achievement or personal glory; it is about the success of the team and the company.
Our methods may be bold but we’re not.


The knowledge base amongst our management team members, and the years of experience they have spent in their respective fields, enable Level 5 Holding to service a variety of business areas. Our portfolio is thus mixed and diversified, expanding to three main arms: Media, Retail and Hospitality.


One of the major independent Media houses in Lebanon representing numerous prestigious local and international Media. Tree Ad’s head office is in Beirut, Lebanon, with regional offices in Dubai (Tree Ad International), and representative offices in Amman, Jeddah and Kuwait city.

Tree Ad International FZ-L.L.C

A division of Tree Ad located in Dubai, specialized in Media bookings for the regional markets, servicing multinational clients out of Dubai.


A company specialized in state of the art printing of large format Advertising billboards.


Established in Lebanon in 2009, Viacom S.A.L is the owner of a large network of outdoor signs ranging from Unipoles to roof and wall signs. The company currently owns more than 100 locations situated on some of Lebanon’s most important highways: Dora, Dbayeh, Sin el Fil, Jdeide, Hazmieh, in addition to Beirut’s Northern and Southern entrances.


Formerly established as Kzone in 2006, Media & Advertising S.A.R.L is the owner of a large network of outdoor panels, particularly Backlits, LEDs and Scrollers. M&A's network offers 50 of the most strategically located panels in Administrative Beirut (Achrafieh, Sodeco, Hamra, Verdun and Unesco). European made with the latest digital technologies, the panels are continuously quality controlled to ensure the highest levels of visibility and performance.


Established in 2015, Vianet & Associates S.A.L is the owner of a large network of 4mx3m outdoor signs. It currently owns over 1300 panels primely located on the country’s most coveted areas, streets and highways in Beirut, Greater Beirut, the Dora-Dbayeh highway, Mount Lebanon and Keserwan, divided into comprehensive and widespread networks.


Long considered as the region’s utmost reference in its field, decision makers and opinion leaders recognize ArabAd as the most reliable publication covering the advertising and communication industry in the Middle East.


Special Madame Figaro, the ultimate guide and cultural monthly barometer to the elegant needs of sophisticated, well-cultured and well educated modern women of what’s worth knowing and exploring about fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle.


The digital platform of Special Madame Figaro aims to establish itself as the prominent and influential guide to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, with a mission to empower and inspire Arab women across the GCC.

Our pledge is to provide an in-depth guide to fashion collections and trends, as well as to beauty latest innovations and products, and will feature exclusive interviews, tutorial videos with experts, stories that inspire and empower the modern, stylish and smart Arab woman.


Ligne Bleue S.A.R.L

Established in Lebanon in 2000, Ligne Bleue s.a.r.l is the exclusive agent of “Eden Park”, the renowned French clothing brand. More than a clothing company, Eden Park is a true lifestyle brand: In addition to 3 lines in the men’s collection, Eden Park also designs lines for women and children. The brand also develops a home decoration line and has recently branched out to accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. It currently has 4 shops in Beirut.

Ligne Bleue S.A.R.L

In 2021, against all odds, Ligne Bleue signed an exclusive agreement with the renowned New Zealand fashion brand Rodd & Gunn and opened 3 shops in Beirut, ABC Malls. Rodd & Gunn is a 75 years quality obsessed brand. It has earned a reputation for crafting timeless garments that are made to last. From the fabrics it sources, to the techniques it uses to construct its clothing, quality is the undercurrent that buoys it as a brand.


Orchid S.A.L

Situated in Jiyeh, Lebanon’s select summer destination, Orchid is an unprecedented concept in beach resorts in Lebanon, restricted to adult use exclusively. Ever since its launch in 2006, Orchid has maintained its rise to the top of the hospitality scene in Lebanon and ranks today among the first beaches and culinary destinations of the Region. Boasting 8000 m² of infinity water decks, floating Jacuzzis, personal huts, multi level lawn areas and beach decks, Orchid also offers its guests a Spa and an 80-seat restaurant, serving an extravagant menu of delicious international dishes, an elaborate wine list and a cigar menu. Orchid is also the perfect venue for dinners, banquets and formal occasions. Orchid, a beach…a lifestyle


La Réserve S.A.L

In 2015, La Reserve completed the first phase of a mixed use project in Thoum, Batroun and opened Orchid Beach Lounge. Similar to Orchid Beach Resort in its vision, the new beach concept offers its guests the most lavish service, in an idyllic setting. From floating Jacuzzis overlooking the sea, to private sundecks and an infinity pool, Orchid Beach Lounge also has a restaurant and bar area serving scrumptious dishes and signature cocktails day and night.
Located 50Km north of Beirut, Batroun is known for its unspoiled and picturesque coastline. This unique and innovative concept which spreads on a coastal area of 30000 m² includes a hotel, private chalets, a sports and leisure beach club and a wellness spa. An 8000 m² event venue was launched in 2017 adjacent to Orchid Beach Lounge, offering a beautiful backdrop and unobstructed, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean: A grand yet functional architecture with limitless possibilities to attune to any event, design or mood, from low-key dinners, to formal banquets.
Orchid Beach Lounge, unveiling the other side of Batroun

Orchid Escape

A new addition to Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge, Orchid Escape Hotel.
Fifteen Bungalows, each with their own private pool and garden, overlook a seamless sea view and calm environment, emphasizing a sense of privacy and serenity with its adult only policy.



A progressive management team of young spirited professionals drawn together from varied backgrounds by their avant-gardism and ethical business outlook, managing over 200 employees in different domains.

Chairman of Level 5 Holding and founder of the majority of the holding's subsidiaries. After graduating from the Business School of the American University of Beirut in 1992, Mazen joined the Advertising field and has since remained one of its active players. An entrepreneur and visionary whose acute business sense has proven successful: Tree Ad Group, which he founded in 1999, ranks today among the top Media Houses in Lebanon and the region. He bases his managerial tactics on two main values: ethical conduct and team spirit.

Kinda joined Level 5 Holding in 2013 in the capacity of PR and Communication Manager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters Degree in Design, and has over 15 years of experience in the Media, Production and Events industries. Kinda’s skills, commitment, loyalty and positive energy have proven determinant to many successes and milestones that Level 5 Holding has achieved. In August 2018 Kinda was promoted to Strategy and Communication Manager, and in March 2021 she was appointed General Manager of the Retail and Hospitality verticals of the Group.


Located in Beirut - Lebanon, Level 5 Holding was established in 2005 and continues to grow thanks to its strategic involvement in a multitude of fields.
Over the years, our scope of involvement expanded regionally, moving to the emerging markets of the Gulf and Middle East.

Our success is owed to the meticulous work we undertake to assess and study each of our companies’ profile, background and potential to eventually provide the right advice and guidance, implement concrete solutions, maximize the accomplishments and minimize the failures.




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